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Potamia is a traditional village in the northeast of Thassos Island, 12 km’s from Limenas (Thassos Town), the capital and main ferry port of the island, with a population of over 1000 people. Sitting in the foothills of the Ipsarion mountain range, below Mount Ipsarion (1206m).

Potamia takes its name from the Greek for river, there are many mountain brooks and streams crisscrossing the village. From Potamia you will find many trails and routes that take you into the interior of the island, a hiker’s paradise! Potamia is also the birthplace of Polignotos Vagis, a worldwide famous sculptor and artist, there is a museum dedicated to him in the village and is well worth a visit.

3 km’s away you will find Skala Potamia, the home of Hotel Kamelia and is the traditional harbour for Potamia. This picturesque port with its small harbour and fishing boats has a rich history which and was also used by the monks of Mount Athos during the 19th century. The Tarsanas building, now a cultural centre is one of the testaments to their time here. Skala Potamia has a huge selection of restaurants, taverns, bars and cafes to choose from and of course supermarkets and other shops and services.